We rotate Our coffees + utilize specialty coffee roasters who align with our sourcing philosophies

current roasters on rotation :

bold bean (Jacksonville FL)

hex (charlotte NC)

stay golden (Nashville TN)

zacamitla 2.jpg


Our Wild Mala coffee journey started on a coffee farm in Mexico where we first met, and has continued through countless cities, villages and countries. Our love for coffee is always growing. It began as the love of a ritual. It grew as it became a source of connection to people in our own communities, as well as people in different cultures and countries. It became something else entirely as we began spending time on farms with producers and people who not only earn their living from it, but who love the land they grow it on.

One of our coffee goals is to bring people new experiences through flavors that are inherent to coffee without the necessity of adding artificial ingredients. But it is about so much more than the flavors, the caffeine buzz or the smell of a freshly brewed cup in the morning. For us it’s about an industry that has the ability to transform communities in every stage of its journey. Buying coffee direct from the source at a fair price can provide a rural community in a third world country with things such as plumbing and electricity. The opening of a coffee shop on a forgotten street in the first world can breathe life back into an old building and be the first brick in rebuilding a once thriving neighborhood. We have seen it time and time again.  Coffee has powerful abilities to bring people together in a world where it seems like we are all getting farther apart. It has been an inspiration to us in our journeys and we want to share the pieces of it with our own community. 

We value each and every farmer, picker, sourcing genius and roaster that has contributed to our knowledge and fueled our excitement. We are humbled by the passion and skill they bring. It's because of them that we are able to share coffee that we believe in with people who want to be a part of the journey.